The Boxcar
The Boxcar believes that a great night out can’t be rushed. We offer you the perfect opportunity to take your time and savor the moment with friends, loved ones, or even by yourself while taking in the city’s most stunning views. Our stylish-yet-comfortable rooftop bar, located atop the historic Threefoot Hotel, Meridian, offers a variety of shareable plates, flatbreads, domestic and craft beers, and custom cocktails that you can enjoy while sitting inside comfortably or relaxing on our beautiful rooftop deck in plush seating. See life from a refreshing perspective at The Boxcar.
With signature menu items include blistered shishito peppers, shaved fried okra, bison sliders, and seasonally appropriate shareables Guests will recognize the deliberate nod to the revival of Southern cuisine and cocktails with a contemporary twist that has a progressive flair and energy, exposing a fresh way to socialize, mingle and amuse the senses.

Our Daily Suggestions

Our Daily Suggestions
Five Cheese Pizza, Quesadilla of the Day, Wings & Fries, and more
Gypsy Queen, Mississippi Old Fashioned, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
Summer Berry Pie, Dreyfus Berry Cheesecake, Mississippi Peanut Butter Brownie